Choose Your Best Coffee Maker Its Healthier Addison Of Your Kitchen

The importance of choice

Coffee is part of our daily lives, we are 85% to consume at home or out of home. It is the most consumed drink after the water, far ahead of tea or wine. It is appreciated hot or cold, in the morning, during the day or at the end of a meal, in short it accompanies our daily life.

But when preparing a coffee, apart from soluble coffee, the use of a manual or electric coffee maker is essential. We can easily explain the considerable number of coffee makers available on the market, which sometimes makes the choice of a very complicated model.

This is especially so because depending on the type of coffee maker used, the coffee obtained, its taste and its cost per cup will be totally different, hence the importance of not being mistaken. So it seemed important to give you some tips to help you choose the best coffee maker to suit your tastes, habits and budget.

Coffee makers

The filter coffee maker


The amount of ground coffee placed in a filter is charged with water. The coffee + water mixture is then filtered in order to retain the coffee before reaching the carafe. The filter can be disposable (paper) or permanent and washable.

For who ?

For all those who can not start the day without their morning coffee or lovers who prefer a coffee lengthened and light to taste like “American”. Be careful however, coffee does not mean it is not strong in caffeine on the contrary! Indeed, the slow infusion releases a caffeine level much higher than a high pressure infusion.


. Price of the coffee maker generally affordable.

. Keeps the coffee warm.


. Reliability and random performance of first price models.

. Glass jug fragile, sometimes problematic to replace (prefer a stainless steel jug)

. Major use of consumables (Filters and coffee)


. Rather choose a 100% Arabica coffee to limit bitterness.

. To highlight all the aromas of the coffee, moisten the filter before placing the ground coffee and spray a little cold water on the grounds.

Coffee Makers

See filter coffee makers

The espresso machine (Percolator)

Espresso machine


Hot water injected under pressure turns into steam and emulsifies the grind placed in a closed filter or capsule. Depending on the starting pressure, the result can be very different, so a little focus is needed here.

Differentiate low and high pressure espresso

The low pressure machines (between 1.5 and 3 bar) make a “long” coffee ideal for breakfast. In this case the term espresso machine is not quite accurate, their operation and their result being closer to a coffee filter. These models generally use soft capsules.

The high pressure machines (between 14 and 19 bar) are the real espresso machines. They can be capsule or not. The most advanced are fully automated and can be equipped with an integrated grinder to leave a coffee beans.

coffee makers

Capsule or not capsule?

The Capsule

Machine The capsule machine generally offers a very good quality of coffee recognized even by some experts. Moreover the choice is very vast. Ideal for who wants to access great wines easily.

His detractors blame him for being “captive of a system”. Capsules are expensive and their recycling requires depositing them at collection points.

The classic espresso machine

It offers a much greater freedom of choice, coffee powder or grain, supply from a roaster … The most advanced machines offer coffee specialties (latte macchiato, cappuccino, ristretto …) Unquestionably the best choice for the demanding amateur!


. Choice of coffees.

. Coffee rich in aromas with mousse.

. Quick preparation.


. High cup prices, especially for capsule machines.

. Requires regular maintenance to maintain efficiency and reliability.


A coffee served in a cold cup especially porcelain, cool very quickly spoiling the tasting a little. We advise you to preheat your cups by passing them under hot water or even better by placing them on a hot plate that equips some machines.