How is a Phobia Born?

The first time a crazy idea, an irrational fear crosses our head. “Why should not I be afraid of the crowd? Diseases? From the metro? And even as we evoke this illusory fear, a violent feeling of fear takes hold of us. The body testifies in its own way to its anxiety. Oppression, feeling of fainting, dying, feeling of having a heart attack, cold sweats, loss of balance, nausea. Fear is embodied physically in all sorts of ways. The strangest, the most puzzling thing is that the more we consciously try to fight against this fear and the more it gets stronger.

And yet we know we should not be so scared.

The second time one tests oneself, one confronts again the fear to see if one can dominate it and again one feels helpless. The same disorder. From there the evidence of change is obvious: we have a ataxophobia  crowd, diseases, metro.

From then on we start to avoid what scares us. The more we avoid, the more we feel that we are right to avoid it and more logically the fear is reinforced. The more we avoid our fear and the more it tends to generalize, we are afraid of the metro and then buses, then cars. The family helps us in this ordeal but the more it protects us from our phobia you can read more about phobias here  and the more it strengthens it. At a time when the situation comes unmanageable, whether one thinks oneself sick or insane, one begins to consult. Homeopathy or magnesium, sometimes a mild remedy is enough. And sometimes we go to psychotropic substances: alcohol, cannabis. The evil is masked, it is not cured. And sometimes it gets stronger. And yet remedies exist. And they act fast

Effective therapies against phobias

Statistics exist that allow us to judge efficiency. To put it simply, depending on the therapist experience I have and the data available, here are the effective therapies that work:

1) Systemic therapy (81 to 90% of remissions on severe phobias) 2) Hypnosis (no data available, but systematically used effectively in the treatment of phobias) 3) CBT, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies, which first demonstrated their effectiveness with 2/3 positive results 4) NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Gestalt. Combined and strictly adapted his therapies are an effective and fast way (less than ten consultations) to overcome phobias.

Phobia, stress, anxiety, anxiety … what is their functioning?

dizziness, arachnophobia, social phobia … go beyond the impressive side of these words to understand the mechanism of your difficulty. Because finally that one speaks about fear, panic, anxiety, anxiety of stress, vagal discomfort or spasmophilia the phenomenon is always the same: 1 °) First one feels bad in his body. We then talk about somatisations, they can take all the forms: from the simple blush to the impression of dying, from a feeling of stress to the most terrible anxiety, from the feeling of fear to a real anxiety. The body signals that something is wrong, that you have to flee or change your behavior. The suffering of the body tells us to react. 2 °) As one feels these unpleasant impressions in the body, the mind begins to secrete ideas. Black, negative ideas, the reminder of other past fears. And the thoughts rush, the mind turns too fast and intensifies with the discomfort of the body. 3 °) Then it is sometimes the turn of negative images. Body, thoughts, images … everything works like a vicious circle. The positive side is that by intervening in the body, thoughts or images, we block the development of stress, anxiety, phobia or anxiety. In doing so, hypnosis is of particular interest. anxiety, phobia or anxiety. In doing so, hypnosis is of particular interest. anxiety, phobia or anxiety. In doing so, hypnosis is of particular interest.


Specific use of hypnosis against anxiety, anxiety, stress, phobias.

The more you try to fight consciously against your stress, your phobia, your anguish and the more they develop, the more they persist. This phenomenon is called the reactance. The more you force yourself not to think about your problems and the more you think about it. The more you force yourself not to stress and the more you stress. The more you fight against your phobia, the more it becomes stronger.

It is because one can consciously fight against this type of disorder that hypnosis is useful. Hypnosis allows us to work directly on our subconscious and change the perception of his fear to return to the evidence of a normal life.