Limousine or Auto for your wedding, what is the best choice?

You are already thinking about all the details for your wedding day, but … you still do not know how you will get there? Are you looking for something special? Sure you would like to show off and leave an indelible memory for such an important event …

Do not worry, today we give you some recommendations so you can choose the vehicle model for your wedding. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose if you want to go in an old car, a car of the latest generation or something more picturesque. The decision is yours alone!

Keep in mind that choosing the vehicle model is like choosing the venue for your wedding. Therefore, make sure that if you choose a limousine or a more particular car, have all the licenses and permits to drive on public roads. Our recommendation is that you rent a modern Mercedes Benz car or a limousine, which are the ones that give you uniformed driver and have always liked our customers and boyfriends.


Because it is very important that the back of the vehicle is wide, so that both the wedding dress and the veil and other accessories do not wrinkle or ruin.Equally important is that the vehicle is high inside. It would be a pity if your headdress or hairstyle were damaged when entering and leaving the vehicle. Do not worry, we will help you with all these details to be perfect!

Wedding limo

In My Chauffeur George Makin we have the ideal vehicle for your displacement, because we know you want the best, you will feel like a star. Get carried away by our limousines, carcochitas or cars for weddings, we have several models to choose from, you will captivate all the looks around you!